Are You a Tradesman?

The majority of tradesmen use word of mouth and reputation to gain new customers. Both of these examples are great but theres only so far your name can go. Theres a number of social websites that allow tradesmen to create a profile and post their services or apply for jobs. These websites allow you to … Continue reading

Pinterest + Instagram = PINSTAGRAM

Originally posted on Environmental Explorations:
It has finally happened. Not only have I found two of the best social networking/sharing tools EVER, but they have merged. World, meet Pinstagram. Instagram, only an iPhone and newly Android app, gained soaring rates of popularity after being bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars not too long ago.…


Dont have time to post on your twitter feed all day? Struggle to update your businesses facebook page? Let us show you how Automation can help. We have used a number of different tools and managed to pick out the best ones that just work. Keeping your social media pages up-to-date is key to gaining … Continue reading

How: Google Search

Reading through my daily blogs and found that Google released a quick YouTube video on ‘How Google Works’. It’s a great explanation and covers pretty much everything in under 8 minutes. Social and You offer SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This will help Google ‘crawl’ your website and make sure whats listed on Google is correct and … Continue reading

Services We Offer

Social and You want to help your business gain exposure and create an online presence. A lot of people dont understand the power of Social Media and it can have a huge impact on your business. Whether its a local building company or a large corporation. Having on online presence is key. Website Design and Set-up You may … Continue reading


Adding photos to Flickr, uploading a video to YouTube or writing a post on WordPress. All these Social Media websites support Tagging. A lot of people either dont know how to use Tags or dont even know they exist. Tagging your content online is very important and just by entering a couple of keywords it can increase … Continue reading