Posted in March 2012

My Top Twitter Tips

Whats a tweet? Whats a hashtag? What does @ mean? Twitter is a mystery for a lot of people. Its amazing how many businesses sign up and dont really know how to utilize twitter and get noticed. Heres my tips if you’re new to twitter: Hashtags These allow you to categorize your tweets with keywords. See … Continue reading

The New Facebook Timeline

When Facebook had their conference on Sept. 22, 2011 they first mentioned the Timeline feature. It received a lot of mixed responses. The majority of people didn’t see the point and thought it wasn’t really needed. Facebook released the Timeline gradually over a few months. Its taken a while for people to adjust but most have accepted the change. Its … Continue reading


Social Media is becoming a big part of every day life. People constantly communicating and socialising using various platforms. From a personal point of view social media is very simple and easy to use, from a businesses point of view it can get pretty complicated. This is where Social and You come in. We have years of … Continue reading