My Top Twitter Tips

Whats a tweet? Whats a hashtag? What does @ mean?

Twitter is a mystery for a lot of people. Its amazing how many businesses sign up and dont really know how to utilize twitter and get noticed. Heres my tips if you’re new to twitter:


These allow you to categorize your tweets with keywords. See the image above, theres two tweets with Hashtags in them (#socialmedia and #Aberdeen). These allow you to aim for specific ‘markets’. So I wanted to contact everyone chatting about social media and Aberdeen.

If you click on either of these hashtags you will be taken to lists and lists of people talking about the same thing.  You can save #’s which allows you to keep up to date with the latest things your interested in.


The @ symbol allows you to either include people in a tweet or reply to a tweet.
Heres an example:

I’m enjoying lunch with @JoeBlogs or @Joe Blogs Thanks for buying me lunch.

The two examples above will create a notification for Joe.

Follow Friday

This happens every Friday and it allows people to recommend people to follow. Generally you would start your tweet by: #FF @Example @Bestfriend @Coolguy. Take part in Follow Friday and you might get mentioned one day.

Keeping your tweets short and relevant is key when tweeting from a business. Interact with users or potential customers. Follow interesting people and dont spam.

I see a lot of businesses who have 10,000+ tweets of links, links and more links. This does not work and wont get you noticed.

If you want help managing your twitter feed. Get in touch!


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