Google + For Businesses

When Google released Google + I didn’t really have much faith in it. Its simliar to Facebook but with a number of different features. I recently read an infographic about Google + for business. It highlighted a lot of good points. Its pretty long but explains in good details why you should have a Google + account. … Continue reading

Advertising on Facebook

A lot of people ask the question ‘How does Facebook make money?’. Easy answer – advertising. Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool and can reach people from anywhere in the world. They’ve made it extremely easy for companies and individuals to place ads on their website. Theres various parameters you can set on your … Continue reading


So we have released our first competition. The rules are simple: Like our Facebook page; Tag yourself in the competition photo. 

5 Reasons Why…

you need a social media expert. 1 Social media takes a lot of time and effort, it needs constant attention. Having a Social Media expert will help with this work and take the stress from your business. 2 To create a community around your product/business you need to interact with potential customers and update websites … Continue reading

Competition Time!

Social and You have nearly 100 Likes on Facebook in 5 days. We thought we would celebrate by announcing our first competition. We’re not giving any clues yet but make sure you head over to our Facebook page and find out how to enter! The competition will go live mid-day today (GMT). UK Competitions

My Top Twitter Tips

Whats a tweet? Whats a hashtag? What does @ mean? Twitter is a mystery for a lot of people. Its amazing how many businesses sign up and dont really know how to utilize twitter and get noticed. Heres my tips if you’re new to twitter: Hashtags These allow you to categorize your tweets with keywords. See … Continue reading

The New Facebook Timeline

When Facebook had their conference on Sept. 22, 2011 they first mentioned the Timeline feature. It received a lot of mixed responses. The majority of people didn’t see the point and thought it wasn’t really needed. Facebook released the Timeline gradually over a few months. Its taken a while for people to adjust but most have accepted the change. Its … Continue reading


Social Media is becoming a big part of every day life. People constantly communicating and socialising using various platforms. From a personal point of view social media is very simple and easy to use, from a businesses point of view it can get pretty complicated. This is where Social and You come in. We have years of … Continue reading